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If you will order, choose for ‘manual invoice’. We will look for possible other shipping methods but expect high costs! Cancel the order is also possible!

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  • Shipping always in bubble envelop and ziplock bags
  • Je kunt de Lego ook ophalen in onze Lego kringloopwinkel. Check hiervoor

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Condition of bricks

All our parts and sets come from a smoke free and pet free house.The new items come from parting out new sets, PAB wall or from other stores. Used items are in good condition but can have little discolloring. Toothmarks will be avoided. Please always look at the notes, the condition can be clarify in that field (faded, yellowed). *Minifigis listed as new are always build!*


We will pack your order with a lot of care. We use eco friendly envelopes and packages. Items that damage fast, new items, minifigs and small parts will be packaged separately form each other in zip lock bags.

Problems and returning

Missing a part or did you receive a part in a bad condition. Please contact us so we can come with a solution.


You can pay by PayPal, IBAN and Creditcard. Paying by PayPal after invoice can be done using the Pay button next to you order in the My Orders screen.


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