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Welcome at SteengoedNL

Welcome to SteengoedNL, a dutch Lego seller on Brickowl selling new and used parts, sets, instructions and minifigs! Take a look around and find your missing parts or your always wanted set!

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Condition of bricks

All our parts and sets come from a smoke free house, are storaged dust free and are cleaned before they were storaged. We sell new and used items. The new items come from parting out new sets, PAB wall or from other stores. Used items are always in good state and are always listed as 'used Good' regardless of there condition. Please always look at the notes, the condition can be clarify in that field.



We will pack your order with a lot of care. We use eco friendly envelopes and packages. Items that damage fast, new items, items form the same category, minifigs and small parts will be packaged seaparately form each other in zip lock bags. We re-use envelopes and bags from my own orders. That is not stingy but environmentally friendly!

Problems and Returning


Missing a part? Part not as described. Contact me ASAP so we can come to a solution. You have the right to return your goods without a reason. You have to pay the shipping costs by yourself and I will reserve 30% of the worth (without shipping) for my work. Your order has been special packed! <3



You can pay by Bank Transfer, IBAN or PayPal. European buyers: Please pay by IBAN so we dont have the PayPal fee. You can send a screenshot of your payment via Whatsapp (31683970784).itten.



Do you got a lot of sets in your shopping bag and want to know if the shipping costs can be lower? Do you got some parts but you think it can be shipped as a letter? Please ask for a shipping quote!



Still have a question? You can whatsapp us on 31683970784 or send us a message via Brickowl, Instagram (@steengoedlego), Facebook (@steengoednl) or use info@steengoednl.nl . Answer in 12 hours. 


 Last Updated: 30 Oct 2018